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On May 31, 2013, on behalf of the Secretary of Education and in accordance with Section 652-A(d) of the School Code, Amy C. Morton, Executive Deputy Secretary, approved the Financial Recovery Plan developed for the Harrisburg School District.
In her letter to Gene G. Veno, Chief Recovery Officer for the Harrisburg School District, Ms. Morton thanked him “for accepting the challenge of serving as the Chief Recovery Officer” and wished him well in moving forward with implementing the Financial Recovery Plan.
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Recovery Plan Released

(Harrisburg, PA, April 26, 2013) - Harrisburg School District Chief Recovery Officer Gene G. Veno today released a comprehensive financial recovery plan that aims to bring immediate relief to the fiscal crisis facing the school district and result in improved financial stability and student achievement over the long-term. Read More 

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Message from the Chief Recovery Officer

We can do better

By Gene G. Veno

Chief Recovery Officer 

As the new Chief Recovery Officer for the Harrisburg School District, I pledge to work hand-in-hand with the Harrisburg community, including individuals and the many important groups, such as churches and civic organizations, the school board and superintendent, educators, administrative staff, building employees, students, unions and state officials. Our goal is to enable the Harrisburg schools to offer every student the best education possible, an education that every child, from kindergarten to 12th grade, deserves. My belief is that HSD can grow and foster excellent education.  The development of a recovery plan for the HSD will be a collaborative and open process.

While the district is currently in “Moderate Financial Recovery,” we should look at this as an opportunity to improve the education of our students in ways that will create many new life changes and rewarding experiences to best prepare them for college and the workplace environment! We want them to succeed, to go on to college or trade school, and to secure good jobs. These students are the key to the future. 

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